eCommerce Pricing Packages



No hidden fees. No high-pressure salespeople.

eCommerce Consultation

Understand the Apex eCommerce implementation lifecycle and where requirements gathering fits in. Consultation on using tools, templates, and techniques to capture the requirements for Functional, Integration, and Infrastructure areas.

SEO Ranking Report

We’ll deliver expert analyses, reports & consulting that are of the highest quality in the industry and that are communicated to you in a clear, straightforward manner. Apex team has all the experience and knowledge needed to improve the performance of your website.


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Ideal for retailers / small businesses with limited budget.

eCommerce Consultation + Development 

Starting an online store with complete catalogue was never easy. Once the customized online shopping cart is up and running for your store, you can easily manage it using your administrator section. We have the Ultimate All-In-One eCommerce Solution for retail stores.

Limited Product Catalogue

Apex cart is loaded with the product catalogue. Retailers can start with limited online catalogue to start with. The catalogue is always expandable and the package can be moved to next level.

Customized Forms

Apex's flexible, feature-rich and enterprise eCommerce solutions help you get the most from your online store. It helps you drive more traffic to your store, convert browsers into buyers, and boost online revenue.

24x7 Email Support
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Ideal for eCommerce, big corporates with vision to reach mass audience.

eCommerce  Development + Consultation

This package contains complete catalogue - Professional template designs - Automatic suggest search options - Multiple pricing options - Features to outsmart the competition in market - Various built in promotional features to show automatically on catalogue - Easy to make up bundle packages - Sales tax according to province - EHF for electronic items - Automatic inventory updates after each sale - Managed review system for each product - Smart shipping system - On line payments. And much more.......

Smart Features

Smart features in Apex cart help you grow your business, sell more products, and increase your revenue per order. Provide smart recommendations, recover abandoned checkouts, and more.


Easy tools allow you to spend less time managing your inventory. Use features that update, synchronize, and monitor your store’s products and variants.


Depending on your preference we can deliver customized shipping solution or attach UPS/Purolator™ for automatic shipping rates calculation on your online store.

High Performance and Scalable

Apex shopping cart is an asset for dealers to easily manage and promote their business and sell products online. has the experience, ability and resources to promote dealers online. It is a flexible enterprise-class e-Commerce platform to power your business. It is a stable, scalable, and flexible platform that contributes to revenue growth.


Sell your products to mobile customers. Extend the reach of your store to the fastest growing market - mobile. Apex eCommerce solution adjusts to all major devices and browsers. It is flexible and helps you increase sales, do effective marketing, managed reviews, follow cart abandonment, up sell products, recommendations, discounts .

Wish List

Give your customers the ability to add products to a list for tracking purposes. The customer can then return to purchase them at a later date. This feature will help them save money and help your business to sell more products.

Promotions + Innovation

Coupons and promotions are easy to create and advertise using our built-in Manager for your customers, absolutely free. Always at the forefront of eCommerce innovation, Apex shopping cart offers tons of new features as well as several you won’t find in any other software package. We continuously innovate to improve some of the best functionality we offer to insure your success!

Search Engine Optimization

Apex's e-Commerce solution generates SEF URLs for all your pages. SEF pages are crawled better by the search engines and achieve a better ranking. In addition to this, the page names are search engine optimized using the Categories and Products names to build these URLs. You're also able to customize the page names to include specific keywords.

Email and Phone Support

Whatever your consulting or maintenance needs are, Apex Software will exceed your expectations. We’ll deliver expert maintenance, reports & consulting that are of the highest quality in the industry and that are communicated to you in a timely, clear, straightforward manner.

A positive user experience will ensure your credibility and enhance customer trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Apex is different?

Apex have been assisting businesses of all sizes achieve their marketing objectives. As we have grown with the ever changing digital landscape, our commitment to our clients and our community has become even greater! As we have progressed in our journey to become a client-focused and profitable agency, our leadership structure has expanded to meet the demands of the marketplace, utilizing the most modern eCommerce marketing methods, best technology, and creating effective shopping tools.

How Apex eCommerce product is better?

Apex cart has front end bundles, multiple shipping options and other advance features, which make our shopping cart stand apart from any other product in the market. Apex has always followed a strategic roadmap plan for its eCommerce platform for retailers. Our strategic roadmap plan lays out custom-tailored solutions that meet your business objectives and KPI’s. Our eCommerce solution is not one size that fits all. We aim to make our eCommerce platform both the most comprehensive and the most adaptable. 

Do you have any offer for retailers?

We have exclusive offers on our products and services. Growing your business is our top most priority and we would like to grow with you to make it a winning together proposition. With our special deals you can SAVE on your online presence and increase your sales.

What kind of paid ads you specialize in?

Apex has certified professionals to run paid ads for you. Whether it is pay-per-click model or pay per impression, we run ads on all major search engines and social networks. We not only specialize in running shopping ads for eCommerce but also campaign ads during elections. Apex has history of running successful political campaigns.

How much I have to pay?

We help our clients exceed their business goals and achieve results for our clients. Pricing depends on the amount of work involved, we assure you that our prices are very competitive. To give you the exact pricing it is required to analyze the requirements. To keep it simple we don't charge for the consultation.

Which payment gateways you support on cart?

We have implemented most of the available online gateways on our eCommerce platform. Whether it is Paypal or any online merchant you would like to use we will work on it to link. We believe any task can be accomplished with the right minds.