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Without a doubt a good website is the heart beat of any business, especially in the last 7 months, that's why when I decided it was time to switch website providers I thought long and hard about doing it, we needed a site that was easier for the consumer to navigate, ease of use for us on the back end, and SEO presence was very important as well. We needed a provider that was readily available, and not waiting for hours or days for a response.

After months of research and many phone calls to existing retailers that were happy with their site we made the decision to switch to Apex Software Consulting Inc and are extremely happy with our decision , not only did our on-line sales go up, but we have not had one consumer complaint about the navigation process of our site (had many before, who knows how many deals were lost)..

I would like to thank Preet Sibia and his team for the work they put into this site, it allows us to compete better in this ever changing world..........two side notes.....1- I have called Preet many times and every time he has answered my call on the 1st or 2nd ring...2- my new site is 40% less expensive .