Paul Dass

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Hi Preet, I am sure you are overwhelmed with inquiries right now…just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate how responsive you are to our requests.

With Covid-19 and a shift in our business to 100% online and telephone orders only, we are happier than ever that we made the switch to Apex… Clients are really responding to our website in an amazing way and I appreciate that you had taken the time to come up and see us personally back in September.

Apex Software Consulting keeps us current in the market place, as well as efficiently completing any other website requests. They offer many suggestions to keep improving our site as well. Preet has taken a lot of headaches off our hands and does a very professional job at a very fair rate.

Stay well,

I would like to thank Preet Sibia and his team for the work they put into this site, it allows us to compete better in this ever changing world..........two side notes.....1- I have called Preet many times and every time he has answered my call on the 1st or 2nd ring...2- my new site is 40% less expensive .