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Advantage of using Apex eCommerce platform

Apex Software provides a global eCommerce platform with CE, Appliance and Furniture product database. CE and appliance retail stores are using our platform for over 11 years to sell online and in-store.

Deliver faster, smarter product data

The platform

An eCommerce website backed by powerful tools that help you drive sales, and manage your retail tasks easily. The platform has a flexible design with in-built features that helps drive sales.

Complete control on pricing & promotions

Interactive Dashboard

The interactive dashboard will help you with KPIs at a glance. Here you'll find the latest news, customer insights and latest updates.

Product data with manuals

Product Database

We provide rich product database for appliances, consumer electronics, furniture, mattresses, garage doors

Colour variations of the product on the same page

Multiple Colors/Multiple Sizes

Apex platform has the ability to show different colours and sizes for each product.

Sell more with coupons

Smart Coupon System

Offer discounts to your customers with our smart coupon system.

You don't need to create duplicate products

Clearance Advantage

Show the clearance price and custom message next to the MAP price. Move your clearance products quickly.

Easy to manage promotions


Show the latest brand promotions. The promotions expire automatically.

Show exclusive deals

Landing pages

Create landing pages by a few clicks, help you create a special sale for different events.

Quick deployment

Switch Deals

You have the ability to switch the deals by the click of a button across the website.

Show Energy Savings

Energy Savings Rebate

Show energy savings rebate and pricing according to the eligible models.

User friendly backend

Easy Backend Processes

Batch process and bulk processes that make backend easy to use. Our continuous improvement helps you in saving time

Show monthly cost on product page

Builtin Flexiti Code

Flexiti API is in-built for seamless integration with an easy plug and play system.

Easy to use

API integrations

Easily set up your Google Merchant Center & create Google Shopping Feed with a few clicks without any errors. Add and remove the products in ads directly.

In-built Lodbee and CNET APIs for rich content.

Shipping APIs integrated on the platform


Manage how customers receive their orders. You can set fixed rates or use Canada Post/Purolator API to calculate live shipping rates.

Earn points on select models

Apex Rewards

Help your customers earn rewards when they shop online.

  • Earn points on select models
  • Use rewards online
  • Flexible policy
  • Combine promos
Schedule and Track

Delivery Tracking

Apex Delivery Tracking software is focused on improving the home delivery experience from dock-to-door. The Delivery App syncs orders with the website and saves.

  • Pictures
  • Date and time stamp
  • Notes
  • Signatures

An online product catalog is an important cornerstone for eCommerce retailers. Creating an immersive, information-rich experience helps eCommerce businesses build interest amongst online visitors and is key to converting potential customers into loyal shoppers. A comprehensive online product catalog can dispel this shortcoming by instead providing more detailed information and a plethora of product images that help shoppers make up their mind without the need for touch.

You want the products featured in your online shop or catalogue to look appealing to the customer. You also want the customer to be able to browse your products effortlessly. Finally, if you are going to feature e-commerce on your website, you want to offer a simple and secure payment and shipping method. Apex carefully considers all these elements when developing the e-commerce website for your retail store. Your products as data assets that provide deeper insights into how to successfully run your eCommerce business. Apex provides rich product data with product images, specifications and specs. Bring your business to Apex, no matter which ecommerce platform you're currently using. Keep serving customers without missing a beat.

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ApexCart 5.0
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Come and see the most robust version of ApexCart eCommerce now with new clearance feature, Flash sale enhanced inventory management, faster response and much more

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