Online Political Campaigns

Let us help you in your political campaign.


Running a political ad during the campaign is very time sensitive, one small mistake can ruin a political career. The political ads should carry the right message and target very precisely. We have managed many political campaigns online and, quite frankly, we have seen a lot.

Achieved a Click Through Rate of 0.09% generating a number of new sales
We use all available tools to ensure the successful completion of a campaign.


Every online channel is different and has different demographic of users. The biggest challenge is to find which channel works best to attract more voters and which one works to pass the right message.


Every campaign will inevitably have to make some course changes to be successful, but those course changes won't be relevant unless they're based on accurate data. Our core team analyze every campaign and based on our data we suggest changes to get maximum benefits in elections.


Achieved tremendous success in 2014 municipal elections in Ontario. Apex understands that the best way to ensure success is to fine tune and customize your message. Our detailed and personalized program allows you relax and see your message delivered online to the voters very precisely.





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