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Apex Software brings unparalleled knowledge and domain expertise in retail business, systems and processes, which put us in the best possible position to help retail stores realize its business objective. This also results in shorter and risk free transition

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You aren't the only store selling in your vertical - and you begin to understand just competitive the visibility market is.

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Your online store is your one chance to prove your brand value to your customers.

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Our winning solutions and experience help to deliver great results across several key areas

Apex Software started its journey in 2009 with big ideas and a footprint in the world of technology. Apex global future in the high-tech arena, gained momentum with the success story of Apex cart(e-commerce solution for retailers and manufacturers), developed by Apex Software. We believe just like one size does not fit all, one solution does work for everyone. Each company has a unique way of running their business based on their target market. We deliver eCommerce and inbound marketing solutions based on those unique needs.

Our History

Apex Software a family owned company started its journey in 2009. At Apex, we believe there is a better way to do eCommerce.

2010 - eCommerce Platform

We built our own custom retail platform ApexCart 1.0 with CE and Appliances product database.

2020 - ApexCart 5.0

Version 5.0 is the most robust version of ApexCart. It is now much easier to manage eCommerce and use advance features for a better user experience and boost sales.

2009 - Startup

Over a decade ago, we started helping retail stores by promoting them on search engines.

2019 - What makes Apex special?

Helping more than 50 retail store fronts and working with them helped Apex released a suite of retail-based tools.


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We plan, launch, maintain and continually improve using an array of tools focussed on retail that ensure complete online dominance.

The company is 100% family owned. There is no investment involved.

At Apex, we are obessed with innovation. In case we have developed what you need, we will find the way to do it.

Using a product or service that is laser focussed in your vertical is the best option. We can help you with what is working right now and avoid pitfalls.

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