Without a doubt a good website is the heart beat of any business, especially in the last 7 months, that's why when I decided it was time to switch website providers I thought long and hard about doing it, we needed a site that was easier for the consumer to navigate, ease of use for us on the back end, and SEO presence was very important as well. We needed a provider that was readily available, and not waiting for hours or days for a response.
After months of research and many phone calls to existing retailers that were happy with their site we made the decision to switch to Apex Software Consulting Inc and are extremely happy with our decision , not only did our on-line sales go up, but we have not had one consumer complaint about the navigation process of our site (had many before, who knows how many deals were lost).
I would like to thank Preet Sibia and his team for the work they put into this site, it allows us to compete better in this ever changing world..........two side notes.....1- I have called Preet many times and every time he has answered my call on the 1st or 2nd ring...2- my new site is 40% less expensive .

Scott Stuart

General Manager (Kawartha TV & Stereo)

Scott Stuart

General Manager (Kawartha TV & Stereo)
Apex software Consulting has been developing and maintaining our website and e-commerce for over 4yrs now. They are outstanding at keeping our site current plus developing our e-commerce to take us into the next chapter of online sales.
All their efforts showed through when during the 2020 Pandemic we were already set for continuing business with our online presence. Preet and his team are dedicated at helping their clients move forward with ease. Would highly recommend them at any time. Thank-you Preet and Team Apex

Cheryl Tsuyuki

Executive Manager
We are a consumer electronics retailer with a large catalogue of ever changing products, graphics and pricing. Preet and his staff are very good at staying on top of these daily changes.
Apex Software Consulting keeps us current in the market place, as well as efficiently completing any other website requests. They offer many suggestions to keep improving our site as well. Preet has taken a lot of headaches off our hands and does a very professional job at a very fair rate.

Tim Huck

PowerLine Electronics
Just wanted to thank you and your team on the excellent job you did on Best Brand Appliances. Our new website looks amazing, has shown better customer retention time and great results.
The new site is so much faster and easier to work with than my old site. I'm glad I decided to work with you.

Josh Luftspring

Director Of Business Developer
(Best Brand Appliance)
Hi Preet, I am sure you are overwhelmed with inquiries right now…just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate how responsive you are to our requests.
With Covid-19 and a shift in our business to 100% online and telephone orders only, we are happier than ever that we made the switch to Apex… Clients are really responding to our website in an amazing way and I appreciate that you had taken the time to come up and see us personally back in September.
Apex Software Consulting keeps us current in the market place, as well as efficiently completing any other website requests. They offer many suggestions to keep improving our site as well. Preet has taken a lot of headaches off our hands and does a very professional job at a very fair rate.

Stay well,


Brown’s Appliances Ltd.
I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that Preet and his team at Apex Software do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with Preet and we know each other since 2009. We wanted to offer our customers and clients a unique level of service by providing an innovative web based ecommerce platform.
It’s really great how easy our website is to update and so very user friendly. Their dedication to our website is evident in all aspects of the site . We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to help promote our retail business online.

Paul Dass

Teletime Tv Electronics Appliances Furniture
Preet and Team Apex have been outstanding! We made the switch a couple of years ago and have been very pleased with the service. They have tailored a website that matches our requirements. The best part is Preet has always been a simple phone call away. He is very responsive and able to provide insight within minutes.
I would highly recommend Apex to anyone that is looking to change their website! You won’t be disappointed!

Raj Kohli

Telecity Electronics
McNain TV and Electronics was a small family owned Audio/Video dealer in rural Southwestern Ontario and was approached by Preet about 6 years ago to see if I was willing to let his company help our company spread its wings. I was very hesitant at the time to spend that extra money on a better website and was worried about ROI. Preet guaranteed that the money would be well spent and that he would work hard with McNain TV to get us to the next level in volume.
Preet and his team guided us through the process and come up with a state of the art website that had the ecommerce ability built in which I was not ready for at the time and really did not fit our rural customer base at the time. The site is very user friendly and have had lots of customers comment on the professional site that we offer.
Preet has a strong knowledge base with marketing, including social media and google search words to direct traction to the websites.
When covid-19 hit and retail stores went into lockdown, everybody was in panic mode and we trying to figure out how they were going to generate revenue. Within hours, Preet and his team had us up and running with online sales and that got us through this different time.
I would strongly recommend this company for your future website and marketing needs

Jamie Mcnain

McNain TV & Electronics
Apex and Preet have been instrumental in our growth year over year for several years now. Brilliant SEO. Always quick to respond. The monthly value quotient is hands down the most valuable marketing tool I have ever known.
Our clients consistently congratulate us on our web presence.
He’s a pretty nice guy too!
Thanks Preet!

Scott Lovegrove

Georgian Audio Video